Lead with V.E.R.V.E

Leading with Verve means leading with Vitality, Empathy, Resilience, Vision and Endurance.

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About the Programme

Great leaders are clear thinkers, kind communicators and realistic optimists who can guide themselves and their teams through difficult times.  They can inspire others, defuse conflict and have tough conversations.  They know what they stand for and have a clear plan for their professional lives.  They are focussed, not easily distracted and can empower others to work towards goals, take action and manage expectations.  They are resilient.

Verve is having the positive energy to manage set-backs and adversity, the mental clarity to guide your decisions and the emotional insight to learn and grow from difficulties.

It is the capacity to adapt, to heal and to thrive in a changing world.  That capacity expands and contracts throughout life.  Sometime when an event sets us back, we can be rocked, our foundations challenged, our beliefs undone.  Having in place strong pillars of physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual resilience through daily practices helps us manage adversity and emerge stronger, smarter and more swiftly.

Lead with V.E.R.V.E is a leadership programme for leaders who want to develop their energy to motivate, their clear leadership purpose, learn how to stay the course, build their empathy and ability to connect to others and communicate their leadership vision to their team. On this course the leader will:

  • Assess their resilience levels, and understand how to build more bounce and in what areas.
  • Take an Emotional Intelligence assessment to understand how they rate on the 10 key leadership skills. What strengths do you need to use more, what areas are holding you back.
  • Learn how to become more self-aware, name the emotions and respond with skill rather than react to situations or people in the moment.
  • Understand how to manage fears, focus on goals and deal with conflict.
  • Learn why gratitude and mindfulness and powerful tools.
  • Understand how to manage fears, focus on goals and deal with conflict.
  • Learn why gratitude and mindfulness and powerful tools.
  • Explore what kind of relationships support progression and resilience.
  • Decide to clarify your leadership values, purpose and passion to guide you decisions, goals and actions.
  • Learn why managing expectations takes the stress out of work and life
  • Practice how to reframe situations, think more positively and manage how to respond to what comes your way……and much much more.

Who takes this course?

Individuals who are interested in self-development and leadership growth
People who need to take a step back from work and find their place of strength
Individuals who want to have the skills and practices in place to help them manage those challenges.
Those who want to know how to manage their emotions better
Leaders who are working long hours, feeling overwhelmed at times, managing in difficult times with challenging people and situations.
Leaders who want to clarify what leadership means to them, consciously embed their leadership style and culture and be known for their ability to lead with head, empathy and resilience.
People who lead businesses, team, departments or other leadership roles

What's included

Five modules covering each element of resilience – physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual along with core resilience elements of purpose and passion.  Watch the videos and complete the exercises in the workbook.

Assessments in Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Leadership Styles, Career Drivers.  Using this knowledge, build a blueprint for her own leadership brand, aspirations and ambitions. Develop your leadership presence.

Discuss the outcomes of these assessments, video learnings in 5 one-to-one coaching sessions where you will set goals, become accountable and have a confidential, supportive and non-judgement coach at your side throughout your unique journey.

About Barbara Nugent

As a former business leader myself, I understand the challenges of leading with resilience.  With over 25 years as a finance executive, leading teams and working in a wide range of organisations, I learned that leadership can be a lonely place, that having a clear idea of the kind of leader I wanted to be wasn’t so easy to articulate and that being extremely busy can lead to lack of focus and overwhelm.

The idea of resilience is far more wide ranging that most people realise.  Managing focus, dealing with potential conflict, nurturing your executive presence, developing greater emotional intelligence all lead to greater ability to manage yourself and others.  Tuning in to what’s happening with you, how you show up in the world and how you connect with others are all measures of resilience which allow you to lead at a higher level, while still remaining grounded and calm.  Resilient leaders have the ability to “bounce” skilfully and deliberately rather than muddle through.

Hear from other successful clients

“Barbara was clear from the start that she would not do the work for me and I have to say that was one of the best parts of the programme because I now feel empowered and clear-headed. She has great empathy, which means she knows when to push, when to step back and when to tell a story that shows she understands what I am going through.”
Gillian Hennessey
Triskel Arts Centre
“In Barbara’s work with four of my colleagues, she opened their eyes to a different way of doing and looking at things. All have grown through the experience, both professionally and personally. I have no doubt that we will avail of Barbara’s skill set again in the near future.”
John Counihan
Head of Organisation and Talent Development, Musgrave Retail Partners, Cork.

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This course will take you on a journey, from self-care to self-discovery, building powerful practices into your life, learning how and why we react the way we do, and how we can choose skilful responses to the events in our lives.  You will uncover your values, beliefs and purpose and set yourself a future facing blueprint for your own leadership brand.


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